A demigod among men.


Surge is a large and formidable man of indeterminate age (looks somewhere between 30 and 40). In costume, he wears a shirt of scale, bracers, a circlet adorned with a blue gem, blue pants and tall boots. He has long brown hair and an olive complexion. His hands and eyes crackle with lightning.


The son of Zeus and a mortal woman, Barak has lived for 3,000 years. During that time he has switched between the roles of super hero and art collector/salesman. He has gone by different names over the different eras to keep his identity a secret.

In ancient times, as a mortal, he ended a plot by Hades to overthrow Zeus, and earned recognition from his estranged father in the form of immortality and lightning powers. He also earned the ire of Hades himself.

Over the eras, he has been involved in a variety of super teams and has gone by different names to conceal his identity.

Recently, as Surge, he has become drawn into a plot involving Persephone.


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